Onteon Tech is a deep technology startup that provides complete platform for developing, deploying and managing applications. Our platform solves customers' problems with complex and costly IT environments to provide applications and services. Also, it supports maintaining their legacy applications and transition journey from traditional to modern distributed architectures. We help to manage the problem of shrinking budget by delivering effortless platform which requires less people resources, less IT infrastructure components and less time to go live with customer applications.

Onteon is a software stack to orchestrate, scale, communicate and manage modern applications and legacy ones in an efficient and effortless way.
No matter if it is containerized or non-containerized.
It runs on-premise, in the cloud and hybrid.
We developed it from scratch.
It just works.

Organizator konferencji

Evention sp. z o.o., Rondo ONZ 1, Warszawa

Specjalizujemy się w kompleksowym programie realizacji wydarzeń, które są efektywnym sposobem budowania relacji z potencjalnymi klientami.



Weronika Warpas
e: weronika.warpas@evention.pl

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